White 'n' Ruddy started as a misty dream in a classic campus nested at a quit end of the biggest city in Nigeria and West Africa.

Now, It has become a crispy reality with bragging right to array of trophies, represented across age brackets and class, sprinkled across Nigeria, Europe and the British Isle.

Over 10 years fast forward, the culture of White'n'Ruddy is  spreading like a golden nuclear halo with traditional, corporate and contemporary couture for fashion elites that are fast dominating our national landscape........ can you imagine we are still counting? Never mind, there is a space for you in our fast growing emporium.

We contribute to constructive projects and shun destructive ideas fashinistically.

How We Art It:
White'n'ruddy is a one-stop cosmopolitan fashion mart for ready-to-wear, made-to-order and bespoke (Custom) made finished fashion goods...... beware, you may be wah-oohed out of your skin when you behold our finishing.    

Results For Your Gain
Corporate Shirts, Suits, Blazers, Pants, Skirts, dresses and Bespoke Footwears (Loafers, Mocassins and Flatfooties).